1997 The Tiger Conservation Fund was established by Ms. Kumi Togawa (Representative) with support from a group of well known conservationists in Japan including her father and well known wildlife novelist, Mr. Yukio Togawa.
2000 The Japan Wildlife Conservation Society (JWCS, a voluntary organization) established the ”Elephant Conservation Fund” by taking over the  African program  from the Japanese office of African Elephant Fund International and merging with the  newly launched Asian program..
2000 JWCS took over Tiger Conservation Fund.
2001 JWCS was officially registered as a nonprofit organization (NPO).
2009 Tiger Conservation Fund and Elephant Conservation Fund were spun off from JWCS and got registered as independent NPO under the name of “Japan Tiger and Elephant Fund” (JTEF).  In the same year, JTEF also established the  Japanese program - “Iriomote Cat Conservation Fund.