JTEF Japan Tiger and Elephant Fund

About The Japan Tiger and Elephant Fund
-Conserving Biodiversity Which Connects All Lives On Earth-

The Japan Tiger and Elephant Fund, a non-profit and non-governmental organisation, contributes to conservation of wildlife by representing their voice and interests, to protect global biodiversity and the natural environment for our future generations. Working closely with partners internationally and in Japan, JTEF has developed several programs supporting the field activities for conservation of wild tigers and elephants in their natural habitat. It also has made extensive efforts to investigate and reduce the Japanese demand for wildlife products.
Tigers and elephants are the symbols of conservation not only in Asia and Africa but also in other parts of the world. Tigers stand at the top of the food chain and elephants make a tremendous impact on the habitat through feeding and other activities. Tigers and elephants play an important role in their ecosystem and need a vast expanse of habitat to continue living naturally. Thus, conservation of tigers and elephants leads to conserving the whole ecosystem in their range, so that conservation of biodiversity and the ecosystem they depend on is secured. They are the flagship species for protecting the evolutionary process with a tremendous 4 billion year history which will be symbolized by their continued survival.
The English acronym of “JTEF” is pronounced as 【jei・tefu】. Actually 【tefutefu】is an old Japanese word meaning "Butterfly" which is also included in the organization's logo. As a representative of the world of wildlife, even a small butterfly also exists with tigers and elephants, which together support the whole ecosystem. This rich diversity supports the amazing landscapes our lives depend on. Furthermore, the butterfly's wings make an ∞ (infinity) symbol, making【tefutefu】carry our wishes that the evolutionary process on the earth can continue eternally and that the world of wildlife would continue developing for the future.
The conservation funds for tigers and elephants had historically been a project of the Japan Wildlife Conservation Society (JWCS). But when we consider the urgent crisis of wildlife around the world, the Tiger Conservation Fund and Elephant Conservation Fund separated from JWCS and were registered as an independent NPO under the name of “Japan Tiger and Elephant Fund”(JTEF). JTEF, inheriting the philosophy of JWCS, will develop its Asian programs for tigers and elephants, African programs for elephants and also a Japanese program for an endangered wild cat (endemic to Okinawa's Iriomote Island)founding the “Iriomote Wild Cat Conservation
Fund.” In 2015, JTEF established a local chapter in Iriomote to support the night patrols and conservation activities of the wild cat.