The biggest Japanese ivory manufacturers were arrested.

May 11th in 2011, two ivory manufacturers (father and son) and the other two persons were arrested for internal trade in 21 whole tusks without registration between the manufacturer’s company (Takaichi Co., Ltd.) and antique dealers.
They traded the tusks for 5 million yen ($ 62,500) in 10 times of trade between March 25th and June 23 in 2010.
The arrested ivory manufacturers allegedly purchased at least about 280 million yen ($3.5 million) of ivories from June in 2008 to June in 2009, but most of them were non-registered or without any support of formal acquisition(Sankei Shimbun Press, May 11th in 2011).

June 9th in 2011, one of the manufacturers or the father was rearrested with new four people including an antique dealer for internal trade in 47 whole tusks.
They traded the tusks for 17 million yen ($212,000) in 11 times of trade between March 8th and June 16th in 2010. They allegedly had traded in whole tusks for 500 million yen ($6.25 million) since 2007(Sankei Shimbun Press, June 9th in 2011).

Petition for illegal ivory trade case (arrested on May 11th, 2011)

Request of measures to the control of internal trade in ivory that should be urgently taken followed by the case of illegal ivory trading (Arrested on May 11, 2011)